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Why Youths should Mind where they are going

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Gibson Osoro Mochama

For a long time youths have been told and nurtured to be the future leaders. Gibson Osoro Mochama has a different perspective of why they should take charge of their destiny as leaders.

Although I don’t carry a traditional leadership title, i somehow always find myself in the role of a leader. I suppose it stems from my upbringing as a child whose aspects of self-reliance and discipline in an unfit background were well instilled. As an individual contributor have often had management responsibilities throughout my life and been called to lead initiatives that involve team of peers.

Only an enthusiastic, analytical and highly dedicated leader is what today’s youth want. I write all this to state the fact that i have a reason for being a proud student and convicted that being entrusted by the Kisii  University student community to make extreme change, this the time!

Now the immediate question is why should i lead? The youth now lack INFLUENCE, one which will cause change in their lives and that of the society.

The youth should be provided with opportunities to expose them into the real world and hence links should be created for that interaction if at all influence is to be archived.  This will  let my peers know that better leadership means better tomorrow. Hence youths Should focus on the following;

Trust and happiness.

Whatever position one holds there will always be others at your top. Hence do believe that  youth should be provided with safe space in order for them to put forward their  ideas and argue them out without victimization and build consensus for a better nation.

Personal development.

 When you are in leadership you want to challenge yourself to do a better job than your predecessors and those around you. To me, my greatest motivation in leadership is to treat others better than have I have been ever treated throughout my life.

The fact is leading those whose happiness isn’t your primary objective and not a ‘fun experience’. Sharing stressful experiences with fellow comrades/youth, really helps form close bonds and developed, thus  the kind of leadership our Universities  want mores; Kisii University.

In conclusion, I am certain that besides passion for leadership, focus and determination helps in personal growth as a youth. Two factors determine success. First is the person’s determination to succeed, whether you are ready to make sacrifices to archive your goal. Equally important is the support of people around you.

To succeed is not about alienating everyone and stepping on other people for you to archive your goal. It’s about recognizing your weaknesses and accepting support from people who genuinely want to help you. If it were not for my both peers and elders’ advisory and motivation, I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about not just leading but offering quality servant leadership.

Gibson Osoro Mochama, Is a Student and an Aspiring Kisii University Secretary General post 2017/2018. He is studying Bachelor of Education Arts. HE can be reached at –