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 Land sub division affecting food production in the county- says professor

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Prof. John Akama, Kisii University vice chancellor. /EBOSIRE


Prof. John Akama, Kisii University vice chancellor. /EBOSIRE

Kisii University vice chancellor, Prof. John Akama has discouraged sub-divisions of land saying the practice affects food production in the region.

He says it’s due to the practice that the region has been named amongst counties with food shortages.

“It is so shameful for Kisii and Nyamira counties to be placed amongst counties with food shortage. Why can’t we come with strategies which will help us continue with our high production?” said Professor Akama.

He said if the mess will not be addressed it will affect the region.

The Professor noted that the culture of sub divisions of land will be experienced more as the current farmers [parents] grow old and hand over their farms to the next generation.

“If a parent has more than five sons it means that he is going to subdivide this land to his children and the land will come valueless, we need a policy to address this, unless this is done farmers will find farming unviable and shift to other activities which will not help the community,” he noted.

He also said the planting of blue gums alongside the rivers has also affected the food production in the region and said they should be replaced with indigenous trees which are environmental friendly.