Mp set to table motion to help artists


West Mugirango Member of Parliament Vincent Kemosi Mogaka addressing mourners at the Late Onsongo Omosongo’s burial/ PHOTO: VKIRWA

West Mugirango Member of Parliament Vincent Kemosi Mogaka is set to table a motion in parliament that seeks to set aside funds for Kenyan musicians and artists.

Mr Kemosi has said that the government at all means should recognize and set aside funds to cater for artists through where they can be paid monthly for their upkeep. He also said that they can as well be automatically be given state jobs to rescue most of them who shot to fame but live in an embarrassing environment.

“I personally know and have investigated the lives of our artists.It’s pathetic, we won’t sit and watch while these people who assist us suffer while we have the capacity to assist them”, said Kemosi

His sentiments comes after the demise of the great Gusii benga hit Onsongo Omosongo due to illness. The legislature added that the government should celebrate its own local talent through a constructive engagement with artists when they are still alive.

“Its saddening to see great talents perish, when they immensely contribute to the well being of the society”, said Kemosi.

Use and dump

Over the past their have been accusations of politicians using the artists during campaign periods and end up dumping them once they are satisfied.

Steve Arika,a Gusii politician, says that its high time this should stop.

“I Have known politicians, they use them heavily promising them big things during campaigns and later to drop them after getting to office”, he said.

He instead urged them to instead look for a way to help them have stable lives through their talent.

Also he urged the artists and comedians to rise to the occasion and bargain take their space in the Kenyan economy.

“They are people who make radio and Television both locally and internationally to work but they are the list budgeted for. And something has to be done for them”, said Mr. Arika.