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There is need for a proper legislation for the construction industry says NCA

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Contractors and private developers during a seminar to sensitize stakeholders./ PHOTO/BMAKORI

Contractors and private developers during a seminar to sensitize stakeholders./ PHOTO/BMAKORI

National construction Authority( NCA) has admitted that private developers can escape prosecution from  deaths arising from collapsed buildings owing to lack of a clear legislation policy.

In  a shocking revelation the NCAs chief executive officer Daniel Manduku has disclosed that there is no clear legislation to tame rogue developers.

This comes after six people perished on October  11, 2017 when a four storey building collapsed at Mwembe along the Kisii- Kilgoris road.


Speaking during a  meeting that was meant to sensitize the stakeholders in the building industry at Kenya Institute of Highways, Building and Technology in Kisii  said that the existing laws as inadequate.

“We need a law to coordinate and regulate the building industry so as to bring sanity”, said Mr. Manduku.


The CEO further said that some developers engaged  in technical expertise at the planning stage only to drop them once the structures had taken-off leaving subsequent stages in the construction unattended  to. Hence compromising the quality of buildings constructed.

Contractors and private developers during a seminar to sensitize stakeholders. PHOTO/BMAKORI

According to Moses Nyakiongora, who is the Secretary National Construction and Buildings Inspectorate says that almost nine buildings within Kisii county have been identified as unsafe and they should be demolished.

“We have alerted the county government department responsible for the same but nothing has been forthcoming”, he asserted.

Nyakiongora Further said that the government is currently sensitizing  the stakeholders  within the building and Construction industry and the public as one way of improving the industry  by  averting deaths from shoddy work among other issues.

Elsewhere the deputy director of National Disaster Management unit, Pius Maasai has urged developers to secure sites by ensuring  their safety through documented approvals ,protective gears provision  and environmental aspect adherence.



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