NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga addressing the Press at Capitol Hill/ COURTESY

Campaigns world over are an expensive affair. Kenya is dealing with candidates’ swelling campaign expenditures on advertising, printing merchandise, transportation, besides event operations and management. In Kenya, presidential campaigns cost an estimated Sh8b, while the spending is capped at Sh5b by law.

After a series of fund-raising attempts by Nasa, it appears not enough funds were raised to mount a formidable presidential campaign. NASA’s chief financier Jimmy Richard Wanjigi has been reportedly not ready to sink in more money after NASA lost in the contested August polls.

In September, an opposition parliamentary group meeting held at the Wiper Party headquarters ended in acrimony when re-elected Mps were asked to contribute sh 0.5Million and first time MPs Ksh 200,000 each to finance Raila’s campaigns.

In subsequent meetings ODM Chairman John Mbadi later downplayed it and said that most new MPs were actually enthusiastic to sacrifice their first salaries to the campaigns. Something insiders say it has not happened.

Mr. Mbadi further said that the lawmakers had promised to make every effort to support Raila’s quest, especially because this is his last stab at the presidency, according to an agreement he made with other NASA luminaries.

So what happened to the political parties kitty each party receives? According to the political parties funding act, parties are entitled to funding by the exchequer to a given number in equation to their performance in polls.

The funding which is eligible for parties that only receives at least 3% of the total votes cast in a general election.

In the 2014-2015 financial year, for example, TNA received sh866m, ODM Sh848m and URP sh273m on the basis of their numbers in parliament.

The biggest chunk of these money goes to fuel for cars, maintenance of supporters, publicity materials like posters, T-shirts and caps. These are very expensive aspects of the campaigns

Last month, NASA Chief campaigner Hon Musalia Mudavadi In a statement, said lauded Kenyans for their support where he said they had managed to raise only 20M

“I am especially grateful to those who have us as little as Sh5, Sh10 and Sh20. They are the heart of the movement. I commend all of you as we have now plugged into the journey to bring back electoral justice and accountability to Kenya,” he said.

Nasa Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga and His Running Mate Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka when they Launched their pay bill number for contribution towards their campaigns in the repeat polls. PHOTO/FILE

For transparency purposes, Mudavadi told the Star that NASA had set up a dashboard to contact fellow supporters and donors.

While Nasa might had sincere issues raised in regards to the October 26th Polls, and their threats to boycott from the polls there is more than meets the eye.

In regard to IEBC’s unpreparedness and formation, resignation of its staff, and cracks as it has emerged from the commission in the past few days,something stands out from Nasa.

Political pundits have openly argued that they might have lacked enough financial muscle to mount a progressive national presidential campaign so as to remain relevant.

In an interview with Citizen Tv Political analyst and commentator Herman Manyora said that no one was prepared to what we expected from the supreme court.

And to go back from an exercise that required more than enough human resource such as party agents and logistics it was not easy for them to participate in polls. Hence the withdrawal and recent calls for no-reforms No-elections y the principals.

On their un achievable irreducible minimums demands which logically even in their eyes could have only happened past the stipulated time frames given by the constitution on the polls to be done.

However, other proponents in law have argued that Nasa is only strategical on how to propagate their issues of secession as they had earlier on propagated by their strategist and economist David Ndii. But its only after the Thursdays polls that we will see what the country will witness to see.




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