Understanding the Misgivings and theories in Nyaribari Masaba politics


Nyaribari Masaba Constituency has a history in Gusiiland as the only Constituency that does not re-elect the incumbent. 

Nyaribari Masaba MP Elijah Moindi (centre) with Deputy President William Ruto during a funds drive at St John Nyabuito Catholic Church in Nyaribari Chache constituency on August 10, 2014. PHOTO |COURTESY

Having been a battle ground for Dr. Hezron Manduku of the Famous Hema Hospital and Prof Sam Ongeri who has been all along a powerful minister in the Kibaki administration in the grand coalition government.

The seat was interchangeably won by the two with each serving a one time without being re-elected consecutively by he electorate.

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The August 8th election,  Ezekiel Machogu, was able to continue the history as he toppled  Elijah Moindi by a difference of more than 11,000 votes.

According to IEBC, Ezekiel Machogu of National Agenda Party of Kenya (NAPK) garnered 15902 votes.  Ocharo Kebira of ODM was number two with 13743 while the outgoing MP Elijah Moindi was a distant third with 4848 votes.

In 2013 general elections, the outgoing MP Moindi was voted in overwhelmingly by 8194 Constituents who half of them this time round felt that he never represented them as they wanted.

Nyaribari Masaba has 59,000 registered voters with five wards and 132 polling stations bordering Bomet to the East of Kisii county.

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The more than 10 contestants who were garnering the seat blamed Moindi for what they termed as “missed priorities”.

Mr Machogu was a familiar face to the voters as this was his second attempt on the seat.

He tried his first bid in 2007 but lost to Prof. Sam Ongeri. Ongeri contested and won the Senate seat through an ODM ticket.

Machogu was seen as a strong competitor as the electorate said he had initiated projects on his own capacity and that he “represents people’s interests”.

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Moindi was on the other hand being blamed of not prioritizing on basic needs by the electorate.

In education for instance, they say Moindi rides on the good work that was initiated by Former MP Prof. Sam Ongeri when he was the Education Minister.

Our source on the ground says Moindi has bought school buses instead of him giving bursaries to needy students whom are in and out of school because of fees problems.

“We tell our next MP to give education a priority as this is the only tool that will lift constituents from poverty. We have bright students who fail to continue with their education because of fees problem,” says our source that declined to be mentioned for security reasons.

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A concerned student who hails from the constituency also points out that the amount Moindi had been giving to students as bursary money can be mistaken for pocket money.

Nyaribari Masaba Mp Ezekiel Machogu. PHOTO / File

Another voter accused him of neglecting Riatirimba Technical Training Institute that was initiated by Prof. Sam Ongeri to cater for students that want to pursue technical courses.

The source also says the equipment worth billions of money is rotting in the premises.

Eseng’enge Dispensary that was also started by Ongeri six years ago to serve interests of Gotinyango and Ichuni people had also been neglected, our source who hails from near the facility points out.


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Machogu who vied with National Agenda Party of Kenya, a relatively smaller party was sure of emerging victorious claiming that party politics has no place in Nyaribari Masaba.

The outgoing MP was elected on a Nark Kenya ticket and was the only MP from the party in the National assembly.


Machogu says that Currently, the composition of the CDF committee is not good as most of the officials are “handpicked, lacking in the requisite capacity and hence incapable of the enormous task they are expected to undertake”.


To address the discrepancy, he says that he will ensure that an all-inclusive committee that is highly competent is established in accordance to the CDF act.


With the 2010 constitution, youth polytechnics were devolved to the counties. I have visited the Sasati, Nyamagesa COG, Nyambogo, Nyandusi, Riatirimba among others and they are all on their death bed with totally no funding from the counties.
It is my top priority to have them revived in liaison with the county government for the benefit of the youth.


Health is a function and preserve of the county government. Disappointingly, there are number of health facilities that were constructed by CDF but still lying idle and yet people are in dire need of health services.

The existing ones are also ill – equipped with no adequate staff, drugs and medicines .I will tirelessly work and lobby the county for their fully ope-rationalization and equipping .

It will be an uphill task for Machogu to see whether he will maneuver his ways to satisfactorily satisfy his constituents.

We will also apply CDF through schools to drill boreholes from which water can be supplied to the neighboring Communities. Other Measures such as water harvesting, improvement of springs will also be undertaken.

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