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Pregnant Gusii musician Kemunto breaks down revealing how two rugby players raped her

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A Kenyan lady by the name Kemunto has come out to reveal an ordeal that has left her heavily pregnant with a child she did not plan for thanks to events that took place on her birthday, 10th February 2018.

According to her, she knows two men are responsible for her pregnancy but does not know who the father of her child is because it was conceived through rape.

Her ordeal

Kemunto has revealed that on her birthday night, two men decided that they are going to own her and her womanhood hence decided they will inflict all their masculinity on her one by one.

She spend the whole night being tossed around in bed by these two men and was only allowed to go to the bathroom and upon her return they kept on with the business.

She went ahead to say that she was quite defenseless because the two men play rugby professionally and with her small frame it was hard for her to fight them off.

She did not get to report the incident which took place in February due to fear and the fear was highly driven by how harsh society would judge her like the 12 year old girl in Narok who was told she is not the first one to be raped when her family reported she was raped.

She has also seen some of her friends who were raped have cases which have dragged along for a very long time.

Unfortunately, she feels the system has failed because  victims feel like they cannot report for fear of being blamed for that particular incident

Why has Kemunto decided to come out

Kemunto knows the person that did all this to her and has identified him as her former classmate at Strathmore University known as Frank Wanyama.

She is now stuck with a pregnancy because a month later she found out she is expectant and cannot tell who the father of the child after Frank and his friend raped her .

Read the thread below which she shared on her Instagram stories.





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