County launches head count to eliminate ghost workers
Kisii county government has launched staff head count exercise of its entire staff as part of efforts to eliminate ghost workers.
The exercise is a follow up on an audit report which unearthed a number of human resource issues, ghost workers in the payroll and those workers who earn excess or double salaries.
The employees were required to carry photocopies and originals of their national ID cards, academic and professional certificates, letters of first appointment, latest deployment, promotion and transfer as well as the latest payslip.
 Governor James Ongwae   confirmed that the exercise was aimed at checking the wage bill by cleaning up the payroll.
 “This exercise is a follow up on an audit report which unearthed a number of human resource issues, including presence of ghost workers in the payroll, as well as people who earn double or triple salaries,” he said.
The governor said that the workers are scrutinized to ensure that they are working with proper documentation.
Mr Ongwae said that the objective of the exercise is to cleanse the payroll, develop a skills inventory, reconcile personal records, determine County employees and manage the wage bill.
“Through this, we hope to reduce the recurrent expenditure significantly and add up to development,” Mr  Ongwae said.
He further said that they seek to ensure a proper mix of the recurrent and development expenditures to achieve the acceptable ratios.
The governor said that if in any case they will be excess number of ghost workers or those who have attained retired minimum age of working will step down.
The county boss stated those workers who will not turn up to be scrutinized will not be recognized as county workers nor do they expect to receive their salaries.
Mr Ongwae said that the exercise is a good move since it will determine genuine workers who are employed.