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The truth about Nyamonema quarry narrative

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Arial view of the quarry

Following the arrest, detention, denial of bail bond and arraignment in court of Hon. Innocent Obiri Momanyi, Mp Bobasi constituency, today, Punda Amechoka had an opportunity to visit Nyamonema quarry, Bobasi constituency, to establish the bottom line of Nyamonema quarry narrative.

Arial view of the quarry

Despite the fact that i was denied an access to the quarry by the quarry guards, I had to look for an alternative means to access the quarry from the lower side. After assessing the quarry, I had an opportunity to share with the Nyamonema locals.
Actually the quarry activities that include drilling, blasting and explosion have caused more harm than good to the people of Nyamonema more especially the area surrounding the quarry.

Most houses have roofs with more than one replaced iron sheets, one woman miscarried her twins, old age people have been affected, one cow miscarried, Nyamonema primary and secondary class walls are full of cracks. Additionally, any chicken sitting on eggs rarely hatch the eggs, there are more environmental related problems than anticipated, this is continuously causing more public outcry,” one local old mzee said.
A few weeks ago, people from the media visited the place, a report was written and taken to the county over the same, but there was no response. This is an implication that even the licence given by NEMA on EIA was a scam.

When the report about drilling, blasting and explosion at Nyamonema quarry reached Hon. Obiri, without digging into the matter, he went a head to stop the quarry activities. Guess what? This is what led to his demeaning arrest and detention for two days in a police cell without a bail bond.

Cracks at Nyamonema primary school walls

The old mzee told me that when Hon. Obiri first appeared at Nyamonema quarry and stopped the activities, the area Chief Mr Ogega Omwansu was heard saying at funeral, and I quote him, “who is Hon. Obiri by the way? Drilling, blasting and explosion must continue come what may.” This again can make you connect the dots.

On the same note, even if the locals were complaining about the quarry activities, this was falling into a deaf ear as the administration was aware of what was happening and it was a source of food for his stomach.

This is a clear indicator that Hon Obiri not only fought for the problems of the people at Nyamonema, but also the source of filling stomach of the local administrators, the county and national government cartels. And this is where the rain started beating Hon. Obiri.

To ascertain the story from the locals, I visited Nyamonema primary and secondary schools and witnessed major cracks on the school walls as a result of drilling, blasting and explosion. I also visited the surrounding households to ascertain the narrative on the extent to which the blasting explosion has affected the area surrounding the quarry.

From the aforesaid, you can deduce that, the administration is represented by the area chief, the county and other government cartels who are behind the county 45 investor.

And Hon. Obiri was single handedly behind the Nyamonema people’s rights. My question is, will Hon. Obiri succeed in putting Nyamonema drilling, blasting and explosion into halt which the county 45 inveator is involved in? That is question of another day.

Now that the case is in court, we believe that the law will take its course and justice will be done to the people of Nyamonema
Author: Eric Michoma @Punda Amechoka.