Kisii Residents have been urged to go for early eye check ups to avoid partial blindness or total blindness.

Speaking during the celebrations to mark the World Well wishers day at Kisii primary school grounds, A Section of well wishers from different parts of the country pledged to work together to assist the less fortunate in the society within Kisii County.

Led by the Jain social group , that organized a free eye check up and operation exercise .

The exercise saw over 1000 people and several operations done at Kisii eye hospital in Nyanchwa.

According to the Jain social group chairman Bharat Pareka the initiative was meant to help people with eye problems with information and offer help notwithstanding their social status.

“It’s with deep pleasure the we have done this exercise progressively and we are hoping that more donors will join us to initiate another programe of the same nature”, stated the chairman.

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Kisii Eye Centre director Dr.Dan Kiage urged residents to regularly do eye check-ups for early diagnosis of some problems that may lead to blindness or rather partial blindness.

“Some problems are caused by ignorance and not visiting the clinic early while others ignorance, ”said Dr.Dan Kiage adding that diabetes and pressure add to people’s blindness but with early diagnosis the problem can be solved.

The scope international spokesperson in Kisii Obino Nyambane sought to assistance from non organizations,county governments and national government to offer their help to people majorly with diagnosis of diseases that can be managed early.

It is estimated that about 9 million persons are in need of eye care services, all ranging from those who are blind, to those with ocular morbidity and those with Visual impairment. The problems are characteristically found among the aging population over 50 years who constitute over 65% of those with Visual impairment.

The Ministry of Health and County Governments National strategy for Blindness prevention is anchored on global strategy for blindness prevention and treatment, focusing on high quality service provision and addressing the main causes of visual loss. These includes Cataract Surgery, Trachoma control interventions, childhood blindness, and Refractive errors among others.



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