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Be innovative to achieve financial stability Kitutu Masaba youths told

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Clive Ombane Gisairo riding on the motorcycle he donated to the youths at gesima,kitutu masaba. Photo/ Gilbert Kobi.

Kitutu Masaba constituency Youths have been urged to form youth groups and be innovative so as to receive the much needed financial aid from donors and any government agencies.

Speaking during the donation of motorcycles to Gesima Postaline bodaboda group at Gesima, ward the director of ‘ONE HEN CAMPAIGN’, Clive Ombane Gisairo said that he is determined to encourage youths work together through groups to achieve economic stability and self-reliance.

“We need to come out of our comfort zones and think that we can make it in life if we are not employed or helped by the society. We need to embrace and realizing our ability so as to get the key and core of progress in Kitutu Masaba”, he said.

Ombane promised to help all youths and other organized groups on matters development in order to get a prosperous society free from dependency on handouts.

He however underscored the reluctance of area youths who have talent but dont want ot use it to gain formal employment or sponsorship t

A total of 40 bodaboda riders have so far received their Motorcycles through his initiative. With 3 motorcycles issued in the second Phase after the first phase issued earlier this year.

We have so far issued 40 motorcycles and at least we have another two by the end of the year to enable others also benefit from the program”, said Mr Ombane..


One Hen Campaign Director Clive Ombane Gisairo addressing the bodaboda riders and their officials from all over Kitutu Masaba constituency when he issued 3 Motorcycles to operators at Gesima Ward In Kitutu Masaba Constituency, Nyamira County PHOTO/Gilbert Kobi

Ombane further urged youths, to stand out and say no to politicians who always handouts and instead task them to offer alternatives to job creation to amaze wealth.

“I am happy to say that I feel encouraged to see other youths who have concentrated on activities that create job opportunities for fellow youths”, he said adding that he is sure Kitutu Masaba constituents mostly the youth should focus on their future by embracing development projects.

Nyakongo East Sub location Assistant chief Duncan Mokua Angira praised the move by Ombane to assist the bodaboda riders saying that it will make his leadership easier for youths since it will keep them busy.


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He however asked the county government of Nyamira to build sheds for the bodaboda riders within his jurisdiction to create a good environment for their work.

James Makini who is also one of the directors at the One Hen campaign project asked youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians for their personal gains and instead embrace formidable politicians who teach them on how to ‘fish’ with skills and knowledge.



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