Worrying trend of mothers abandoning children

The government is concerned about an increased trend of young mothers giving birth and throwing away their kids in Nyamira County’s North Mugirango constituency.

Nyamira county coordinator for children services, Mr. Samuel Masese, noted that the area had experienced an increasing trend of abandoned babies who are sometimes left for death at the nearby Sotik tea estates.

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Most of the cases were suspected to be done by teenage mothers who had no means of bringing up the children.

Masese urged girls and mothers who are not ready to give birth to seek family planning methods to avoid punishing innocent creatures that at the end live without enjoying the parental love and care.

“The numbers at this area is not pleasing at all; innocent children are suffering through the negligence of their parents who are not ready to rear them. I urge those ladies who are not ready to bring up the children to consider family planning methods. The children also need parental love, not at the children’s homes,” said Masese.


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Masese was leading the Nyamusi division Area Advisory Council for children services (AAC) at the Matongo children’s home where they offered free one day services to the children.

Speaking at the home, Nyamusi Division assistant county commissioner Ms. Rebecca Wakape called on parents to take up their role of parenting seriously as the law could soon catch up with those who are committing the offence.

Ms. Wakape warned the men who are fond of impregnating school girls as she noted most of the abandoned children were born from pre-marital and illicit affairs.

“The mothers who are abandoning or neglecting their children or who are literally throwing away their children should know that it’s illegal and inhuman and the law is very clear, they must face the law if caught up. I also want to sound a warning to the men who are busy making our school going children pregnant that once we get them, the law will deal with them ruthlessly,” she said.

The school manager Ms. Marcella Areri called on well-wishers to support the home which she noted takes care of very young children whose demands are costly.

Matongo children’s home currently houses 22 children and is sponsored by the Lutheran Church through Lutheran Evangelical Association in Finland (LEAF).