Boy moves a Nyamira court in tears as he narrates how father butchered their Mother

Nyamira High Court Wednesday was moved into tears when eight years old boy narrated how his father mutilated his mother.

The father, Samuel Otieno Nyakwara was being accused of murdering his wife Beatrice Masuka on October 10th 2015 at Bonyaiguba in Nyamira South Sub County, an offence which he vehemently denied.

His son, whom the court was told was living with the two parents at the time of the incident, testified that his father found the mother cooking before he took a machete and beheaded her.

“My father ordered me to go and sleep, but I pretended that I was asleep and watched everything as it happened,” the boy told the court.

The boy’s elder sister, 18, had earlier told the same court that the alleged killer father wanted to have an intimate relationship with her before he killed their mother.

“He asked me to sleep with him but I declined and told my mother. On learning that my mother had known about his advances to me, he turned even more violent on me and my mother. I took refuge from our home, only for him to kill my mother later,” the daughter told the court.

She also confirmed to Judge Esther Maina that the accused person was not her biological father.

“He married my mother in 2013 and we moved in to settle with him as our dad from that time,” she said.

According to her, she was informed about the killing by her other sister, but the youngest brother who was three years old by then was the one who gave her the story on how their mother was killed.

The deceased had been married to the killer husband for two years before the heinous act happened.

Investigating officer Walter Menjo, while testifying in the matter, told the court that it took the police three days to retrieve dismembered body parts of the murder victim from River Charachani (few meters from the homestead) where they were dumped.

The officer presented eight photographs of remains of the body organs which were chopped as exhibits in the matter.

Menjo also recounted how the police rescued the suspect from the hands of a mob near his village who wanted to lynch him after alleging that he was the one who slay his wife.

The officer told the court that the boy was the key witness of the murder and that he was the one who led the police to the place where the suspected killer had hid the weapon he used in the reported case.