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Referendum should not be used to benefit few individuals, says M.P

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West Mugirango MP Kemosi


West Mugirango Member of Parliament (M.P) Vincent Kemosi (In picture Above) has said he will only support the looming referendum if only it will create a level ground for all Kenyans despite tribe or region.

Kemosi noted that some senior politicians wanted to use the referendum to create positions for retiring leaders after the current constitution barred them from continuing holding offices after their terms expires or service age gets them.

He said he was ready to support it if only there was space for the poor and the marginalized communities to lead in senior positions.

“If the constitution amendment is not for selfish interests, am ready to support it wholly, we don’t want a scenario where political retirees are creating positions when they should be resting at their homes and earn pension,” he said.

He was speaking in Nyamira town during a meet the maize farmers’ tour by the senate committee on Agriculture.

The first time M.P wondered when the young and aspiring leaders will take the mantle from the seniors if they want to cling to power forever.

“When are the young and ambitious leaders going to be presidents if we are after recycling these senior politicians? We want a Kenya where anyone from any tribe can rise to be president.”

Kemosi is already drafting a motion yet to be tabled in parliament where he’s proposing the cabinet to be cut from the current 22 to 11. In his draft, he is also proposing that the current number of MPs be reduced from 290 to 210 and nominations slots be scrapped.

In the referendum proposals, Raila Odinga’s ODM is proposing for merging of some counties to 24 and create 8 regions (formerly provinces) which will be headed by regional governors.




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