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Seek medical advice to avert increase of Cancer

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Kisii residents have been advised to seek medical attention to avert the rise of  Cancer  having been declared as  one of the killer disease, not only in Kenya but also in Africa and in the whole world.

Speaking to journalists during this year’s cancer awareness month, Dr.Benjamin Akenga attributed the raising of cancer cases to change of the lifestyle and eating habits.

Dr. Akinga noted  that  30 and  40 years ago, medical  specialists could count the number of cases they could handle in the country.   Akenga insists that diets and food that we absorb is attributed cancer.

 Cancer cases  vary from women to men whereas men suffer from stomach,esophagus,prostate and brain cancer conditions ,women suffer mostly from breast, uterus, cervix and brain cancers.

In Kisii County,  Hema Hospital  engaged with the residents over creating awareness of the  pandemic disease on the month of February which is set aside in creating awareness and screening.

Cancer has been attributed by human beings in  foods intake and diets. Some of the chemicals fungicides and fertilizers that are applied to vegetables are not fully consumed but instead remain within the roots which is consumed.


The medic, appealed to residents to take advantage of the affordable screening to turn up in large for screening at the nearest hospital.

For one to be sure of free from cancer one can be screened every year. Most cancer diseases are not reversible but if detected early   one  can be cured.   



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