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Ukulima Sacco launches FOSA branch in Kisii

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Ukulima  Sacco  has launched  a new  Front  Office Services  Activity (FOSA ) branch in Kisii  to bring  services  closer  to the members .
This is the  7th FOSA  branch  national  wide  since  the operational  of the  sacco  1972.
The  Sacco  is going  to serve  South Nyanza  and  South  Rift  Region counties Nyamira,  Homabay,  Bomet,  Kericho,  Migori and  Narok  respectively .

Speaking  at Kisii during the opening of the  branch, National  Chairperson  Philip  Cherono  said that the Sacco will  continue  to support  the  government’s goal  of mobilizing  savings  and enhancing  access  to  affordable  credit  facilities  in order to improve people’s  live-hoods.
Mr Cherono  said that the Sacco  has total  assets  of over  Ksh 11billion  , over  36000 members  and loan portfolio  of Ksh  8.7billion and member’s deposits  of Ksh 7.8 billion.
“By launching  this branch it’s part  of  a bigger  plan as outlined  in strategic  plan  2017-2021 to grow  and expand  our business  by taking  services  closer  to them, “Mr Cherono  said.
According to him  the  Sacco has  experienced continued growth  in assets, share  capital,  membership,  loans,  payment  of dividends  and investment.
He stated that  by opening  a new  branch in Kisii  it will  ease  access  loans  to the members and will  be  served  within the  shortest  time  and also  enable  the  Sacco  achieve its financial  targets  .
Mr Cherono  urged members of the public to utilize  the financial  services  offered  by the  Sacco  to better their  living  standards.
Kisii county  governor James Ongwae said  the county government  is ready  to support  the  Sacco movement in all  sectors  of the economy.
“Kisii county  controls  60% money market  in Nyanza  region,  “said  governor.
The  county  boss  asked  residents  to take  advantage  and enroll  membership  as  the Sacco  will  provide  a wide range of  of products  including  trainings  and loans  to  the  members .
He welcomed  more  investors  since Kisii County  has good  environment for development and  investment.
Mr Ongwae  appealed  to the public  to  join Sacco’s  and boost their  living.



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