Abagusii Cultural Heritage Awareness (Acha)

When one reads through historical events throughout centuries you can understand the metamorphosis of culture and cultural heritage.

For us the sons and daughters of Mwanyagetinge, we have lost a lot, just like other communities and tribes since the advent of colonialism and colonial rule over seventy years ago.

What defines culture and taboos of a clan, a tribe or a community? This are poignant and mundane tasks we as a people must answer to move and bequeath our children with some legacy and heritage if our culture and heritage is to be reserved and preserved to say the least.

We need to engage the elders in our midst and learn from them the rich legacy, taboos; the dos and don’ts before it is too late to complain when all is gone with the wind.

Historians have not penned much about Gusii culture, heritage and many of our ancestry has not been properly documented. Thus loosing direction of the next generation.

Foreigners have documented a distorted picture of whom omogusii is and that has been left as the ‘gospel truth’ since it has not been contradicted.

The Jewish people after being scattered all over the world after the second world War Regrouped, and after almost annulation of the whole race by a maniac in the name of Adolf Hitler and formed a formidable Jewish state of Israel.

The Indians after almost two hundred years of British rule and the division of a subcontinent into several countries, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, still and up to date have kept their religion and culture intact.

In Kenya among the communities which are facing extinct and assimilation is Abagusii, just like the Suba of south Nyanza.

But thanks with the advent of the information super highway we may redeem our name, culture and language if men and women of repute stand up for this uphill cultural heritage renaissance.

I will be capturing reflections from the past and trigger continuous debate for our motherland and our future generations.

I will dwell on among other subjects, the rites of passage in the Abagusii culture from birth to dead and thereafter.

Momichori Imi will be  writing and exploring the future of Omogusii and culutural aspects of the community. Reach the writer at gusiistar@gmail.com




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