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AGRICULTURE: Qualities of a Successful Farmer

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Agriculture in Kenya or rather agribusiness is the new business in town and everyone wants a piece of the cake. You have all seen and heard the numerous success stories of farmers on the newspapers and TV. They make farming look easy and everything they touch turns to profit. We decided to visit successful farms around the country to find out what makes them tick.

We found out qualities that have helped them and their businesses in more ways than one, reach where they are now.

  1. Knowledge

knowledge-icon-193221Successful farmers are constantly researching. They are always looking for new information to improve their farming methods and practices. By doing this, it will help them increase productivity on their farm and boost sales. Knowledge is power and the continuous pursuit of this will ensure that you are always ahead with modern farming.

  1. Passion

passionThis should actually have been the first point on this list. You need to have passion for farming in order to succeed. You have to love your job. Show me a productive farm in Kenya and I will show you a passionate owner running the farm. Apparently this point applies to every business owner in Kenya. If you are planning to engage in agriculture it is highly important that you really love what you are doing because this will help you cope in times of failure. You will have a reason to get up every time you fall. This will keep you working.

  1. Problem Solving Abilities

problem-solvingWhen you are running a farm you will soon realize that there are some set-backs that require creative thinking. You have to come up with new ways to solve problems to make your farm run smoothly and more productive. There are certain methods that are not laid out on instruction manuals, so the farmer has to come up with his/her own innovative ideas.


  1. Marketing

marketingHow I am I going to sell my crops after harvest? This question worries many new farmers but not the successful farmer. To succeed in farming you have to know all the different ways of marketing products. With the new technologies in today’s generation (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc) you cannot miss. You have to use everything out there to ensure that your products get maximum exposure.

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  1. Perseverance

perserveranceThis requires the strongest individuals. Farming can sometimes bring loses if the weather does not go your way or if you accidentally mismanage your crops and livestock. You need to be patient with yourself if you really want to succeed. Rome was not built in one day and so is your farm.

If you think you have the qualities mentioned above then you are well on your way of becoming a millionaire farmer.

source: graduate farmer