By Momichori Imi..

Kenyans celebrated the 56th Year of self rule. The celebrations were held in Narok one of the Maa counties or the Maasai as they are commonly known.

I watched with utter astonishment how the president of the Republic of Kenya addressed the nation in a colonial language to a congregation of whom hardly picked a sense of the address safe for a few government bureaucrats who dozed off most of the time.

My consolation was in the manner the Maasai of Narok and Kajiado counties were given time to show case their century old cultural heritage in songs and dance.

The songs were phenomenal and the accompanying parade of Moran’s in befitting regalia. This is our neighbors’. We fought with them not once in the recent past where are our worriers being it for historical events.

Why did our political leaders allow the banning of ‘Chinkororo‘as a proscribed group? Who did they endanger? One time I heard the current interior Cabinet Secretary subscribe to be a member of the Chinkororo during the last nation election campaign.

Now that he hold the portfolio and in charge of the ministry of Interior and National Coordination of National government, Can he redeem the history ‘miscarriage of cultural heritage’ for Omogusii and reinstate chinkororo as part and parcel of omogusii traditions and heritage?

We are surrounded by ‘war like communities’, we survived through wars for a long time. We had our men who kept our people at peace, with the Kipsigis from the North, our brothers the Luos from the south and the Maasai from the South West whom we have had bitter exchanges until the recent past for no good reason.

Who kept our mother and sisters plus our livestock safe? Was it not our army of young warriors, Chinkororo? With the blessings of Chisokoro nengoro (ancestors and God) the God of our forefathers? Using ‘ebiranya’..charms’for war among others.

Should we bury our heads in the sand and fail to pass these historical events to our children for historical posterity. Or the seventy years old Christianity has become more real,than what brought us here today through a thousand years.

The current generation of Omogusii is in a culturally orphanage. Action must be taken by a few remnants with the information passed to them by our ancestors. The rites of passage as it were. Now that the world has become a global village, With the advent of information super highway. Knowledge can be shared and documented for easy access and reverences.

Mominchori Imi