Governor Nyagarama Must Account For All The Mess At Nyamira County

I have watched with utter astonishment how the governor of Nyamira County is feigning ignorance on the happenings in the County he headed for the last six years.

I wonder from where he has realized the County had a bloated wage bill.

As the first senator of the County. I brought all this malpractices to the attention of the County government directly and through the relevant parliamentary procedures.

Most citizens will ask what I did then than raise the issue now. In a democracy one will not shoot an incompetent governor of a county. One raises issues with the relevant bodies and a bureaucratic channel some of those channels are slow to grind, some are corruptly manipulated. For instance the then EACC heads were heavily manipulated and never took action on our pleas for action. What did the national government do when their tenure lapsed? They were rewarded for the job well done’ with New appointments. We now have a new sheriff at the helm at the Eacc body. We hope he will walk the talk.

Should I stop asking the County government not to account now that am out of parliament…hell no.

Am the most experienced political leader in Nyamira County and the country at large due to my role as senator, member of the first Public Accounts Committee of the Senate for four years, second Chairman of the Public accounts of the Senate and among the senators who laid ground for devolution of the counties.

As part of my individual social, political responsibility and a human rights crusader I must stand for the less fortunate in society till we get rid of the rotten corrupt networks in our County and the country at large.

And to County Assembly of Nyamira which seems to be gradually getting to its feet. I salute the members who  playing their oversight role as per their oath of office, without fear or favour’,be lest assured of my support and to our good friend the senator, more is required of you as more was given to you by voters. Up your game.

Follow up areas for both the county assembly and the senator.

The state of Kiabonyoru University, Manga stadium, the wage funds for none existent Chief Officers who have not been r recruited. And who is to be held accountable for the bloated wage bill and over Employment at the County government and the power state of hospitals and roads.

 MONGARE  BW’OKONG’O / First Nyamira Senator & Advocate of The High Court of Kenya