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Will Clan factors define Race For 2022 Gubernatorial Race In Kisii And Nyamira

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One and half years down the line after the last general elections. The ugly head of early campaign is catching up Kisii and Nyamira counties the coveted positions which may attract the largest number of aspirants seem to be that of the governor.

The position of governor is the third most powerful after that of the deputy president in terms of executive authority and Power so to say.

In Kisii County, veteran politician and current Kisii senator Prof Sam Ongeri is rumoured to be salivating for the seat, age notwithstanding. He is the oldest serving member of parliament from Gusiiland. At arguably 84years he still gears for another stint as the second governor of Kisii County after the current governor’s term comes to an end in 2022.

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Already Prof Ongeri  is rumoured team may have an upper hand if what the rumour mills portend is the true likely line up.

It is rumoured that Ongeri will pair with Onyonka as his deputy, Omingo Magara as senator and Janet Ong’era as women representative. This from face value maybe a tough team to beat by other contenders who seem to be without line ups or at least rumoured teams.

The other potential gubernatorial aspirants are mzee Chris Obure, the immediate former Senator and current cabinet administrative secretary, Manson Oyongo immediate former member of parliament for south Mugirango and KNC Party leader, the current Kisii County Deputy governor Joash Maangi and Lawyer Lumumba Nyaberi among others who seems to be an automatic heir apparent to governor James Ongwae.

A file Photo of Kisii County leaders in a Past forum

Clan dynamics

From research and analysis of past elections, Clan dynamics have largely played significant role in the vast nine subcounties. It is also believed that Cs Matiangi and Nairobi youthful politician Simba arati’s entry in to the race to succeed Ongwae even makes it unpredictable and competitive. Though time will tell.

In 2013, The ODM formula of sharing out seats to different interest groups in Kisii County  worked after it captured all the county seats.

The strategy that was drafted by ODM executive officials proposed that the seats be distributed evenly among the six clan houses in the county as Kitutu Chache, governor; Bobasi, senator; Bonchari, women’s representative; Bomachoge, deputy governor; Nyaribari, Speaker; and South Mugirango, County Chief executive officer.

The proposal drew mixed reactions from supporters and aspirants who felt short-changed in the deal.

The then ODM county chairman, Mr Chris Obure, captured the senate seat defended the proposal with supportive argument that it was done in good faith.

Political analysts have argued that the winning team in the 2022 gubernatorial race must financially stable so as the the power to be able to be able to balance a team in position sharing along the nine clans and households. Rocket science of sorts in political science platform.

Nyamira County

Despite the County having hit headlines for all the negative things leaders from the region have not shied away from early campaign to inherit Nyagaram who is a seasoned Teacher and longtime tea director.

A file Photo of Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama during his swearing in on his second term in office

His first term witnessed a tough and rough times from the then senator Kennedy Mongare who along with then west Mugirango  Mp Dr James Gesami, Timothy Bosire (Kitutu masaba), Charles Geni and Women rep Alice Chai gave the governor tough times on the mismanagement and running of the County affairs. The governor was only defended by Borabu member of parliament Ben Momanyi who hails from the same clan as the governor and who is rumoured to an heir to Nyagarama’s administration.

Incidentally all the members only for Ben Momanyi to retain his Borabu seat through a wiper ticket. Recently ben claimed that he is the only best suited leader to inherit Nyagarama and its time to work with everybody including the ‘Tanga Tanga Team .

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Among those who have declared interest to inherit Nyagarama is the immediate former member of parliament and ODM’s national treasurer Timothy Bosire, Mwancha okioma, Dr Erneo Nyakiba, Walter Nyambati who was second in the last elections on a jubilee ticket, and the immediate former senator Mong’are Bwokong’o who had declared intent to run for presidency in the last elections but later withdrew and run for gubernatorial seat.

Former Senator Mong’are Bwokong’o

Most of the aspirants have not been in the ground safe for Momanyi, Bosire and Nyambati who have appeared in several funeral and church function a couple of times.

The Nyamira County gubernatorial race will be of interest considering the fact that there is a deep rooted belief that the gubernatorial seat belong to Abagirago clan.

Abagetutu clan which is the largest voting bloc in the County with almost one hundred thousand votes are believed to be  at loggerheads amongst themselves. Sub clan animosities, egoistic leaders and pure personal hatred towards each other. This cost Walter Nyambati the seat. It Is believed previously Mwancha okioma was fronted by Dr Fred Matiangi, while Nyambati was the Jubilee candidate. Deputy president Dr William Ruto was also not for Nyambati who is alleged to have been ‘lazy and politically weak’.

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Now with the rumoured entry of Timothy Bosire, Omogetutu in Nyamira County does not need any political enemy’s from without they are in-house that might change though.

For the self-proclaimed leader of the County seat, Abagirango must stop to brag and put their house in order. Governor Nyagarama who hails from the clan, is  believed to have performed dismally as per the residents expectations hence loosing trust from the electorate.

ODM National Treasurer Timothy Bosire and Dagoreti South MP Simba Arati.

Both in kisii and Nyamira counties just like model counties of Makueni, Nyeri and Nyandarua; citizens require value for money and delivery of services in primary healthcare, water and road network.

That is the calling of Kemunto, Nyomoita and Mogaka ..the rest of intrinsic machinations is mere nonsense.



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