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Mutua hints at political alliance ahead of 2022 polls

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Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, Nyamira counterpart John nyagarama, Kisii senator Sam Ongeri

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, Nyamira counterpart John Nyagarama, Kisii senator Sam Ongeri PHOTO: NELSON MANDERA

Machakos Governor Dr Alfred Mutua has at hinted at a possible political alliance to counter Deputy President William Ruto’s Tanga ~Tanga team.

Mutua has said that he is ready to form a political alliance with politicians from all communities in the country who are like minded and are perceived as minorities to ensure they have changed the history of the country’s top leadership who will make the country prosper but powerfully distinguished that the mantle bearer of the alliance will not be from any of two Communities which have produced president of Kenya.

“Am ready to form alliance with like-minded people for our country prosperity, not alliance of the past and the alliance flag bearer will not be from the communities which had already produced presidency”, said Mutua

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The Governor who is the party leader of Maendeleo Chap Chap was speaking at Tindereti Primary School in Borabu Sub County on Monday where he helped in raising funds for Senator Eric Okong’o’s former school.

According to Mutua, the country will never achieve the desired cohesion and integrity required for national development.

He warned politicians from Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities to tone down their appetite for presidency and instead support leaders from other communities.

Presidential ambitions

Being president in Kenya is not a matter of live and death and those people who think that political leaders from minority ethnicity shouldn’t produce presidents have a second thought.

“We have hard working, honesty and people of high integrity in our country who can led us the like of CS Dr Fred Matiangi,Mombasa governor Joho ,Kakamega governor Oparanya and myself”, he said

Mutua’s visit to Nyamira comes only a week after DP Ruto made four rallies in Gusii and it has been viewed as a counter rally.

Mutua was accompanied by Kisii Senator prof Sam Ongeri, Senator Okongo, Nakuru West legislator Samuel Arama and Nyamira Governor John Nyagarama.

Gusii politics

Nyamira county boss John Nyagarama joined Mutua in condemning the trend of choosing the president and said there was need for other communities to step into the country’s top leadership. He  also post question to the public asking them that for how long can they keep on supporting others yet they can rule.

“For how long can we support others when w can rule?” Nyagarama posed.

On his part Kisii senator Proff Ongeri he underlined an endorsement that Mutua works with Matiang’i in the succession politics and added that the current war against corruption and the peace initiatives should be hard sticks in identifying correct leaders.

He also criticized those who were against the building bridges initiative which is being steered by President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and warned on those who were sympathetic with such people to have second thoughts on them.

“We need peace because it’s through the same peace that every Kenyan can be identified,” he said.

“For now we are supporting war against corruption and handshake, if you are not with us in this, then you is the wrong person,” Ongeri said.

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Ongeri further urged the community to be more patient until the time of politics starts by promising them that he will show them the way to follow without any cowardliness.

“When the time comes I will start and show you the direction boldly without any shyness or fear of anybody, so I urge you to be patient for now cause this is time for development”, he said

Okong’o on his part said it has reached time when presidency should be revolving to all communities.

“Presidency is for all communities and if we are keen on achieving National unity, we should support one another in promoting this idea,” the senator said.

Arama said DP Ruto should not seek backing from the Gusii Community since he had not played any role in promoting the Community’s interests.

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“When they were forming the Government, Ruto only gave all his cabinet posts to his colonies who are members of his community, he should be clear on what he wants from us since we have never benefited from his position as DP,” Arama said.

He continued to say “Dr.Matiang’i and Dr.Mutua have what it takes to take this country ahead”.

The Nyamira county legislatures (MPs) did not attend the function yet it was rumored they were around the country and they are preserved to be the close ally of DP.

Mutua, after addressing the public went ahead and presented a donation from Dr Matiang’i.





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