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Stalled fish building to be operational end of this year

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Kisii County government has said the Stalled modern fish building will be complete  next month and be operational  by the end of this year

This comes  after  the concern  from  the  fish  mongers  saying  that  closure of the market is has affected their business hence making losses since they don’t  have cold rooms for their fish storage.

Speaking  at  his office  CEC incharge of  Agriculture  Esman Onsarigo  told Gusii star that the contractor  will  be at the site so as to finish on the remaining part.

We are urging business community and farmers to co-operate to realize its completion as soon as possible”, he said in his office.

According to  the  CEC  the delay was from  the  second  contractor  who delayed  to install cabling  to the cold facilities Forcing the county government to intervene.

“The county government did set aside  6.4m, for construction its construction, which would have modern cold facilities to enable the fish mongers do their business”, Mr Onsarigo said.

He further said that the county government has asked the contractor to complete the market for the fish mongers not to suffer losses if the fish are not kept safely.

He stated that the county government is modernizing the fish market commonly known as ‘Marikiti’ by equipping it with cold storage facilities to avoid situations where farmers sell their fish under duress.

“This will ensure quality and safety of the commodity and effective management of the market to ease fish marketing for mongers and fish farmers, “Mr Onsarigo said.

He noted that the completion will also improve the economy of the county and country general.





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