FKF conducts physical Endurance Test for more than  200 referees.
More than 200 Football  Referees commenced  a Physical Endurance Test (PET) at Gusii stadium for referees across all Division.
The exercise  aims to test their physical fitness, endurance and their knowledge of football.
Football Kenya Federation [FKF]  will conduct  FIFA Referees Physical Endurance Test (PET) for three days starting today. 
According to Joseph Andere the national chairman of Referees  said that  the whistlers, referees and assistant referees were invited to attend the exercise.
Andere noted that The PET will test the whistlers endurance, enable them  learn new laws of the games as well as undergo a medical test examination.
The exercise drew  match officials from Kisii County , Nyamira County and Rachuonyo .
“The event shall feature theory sessions in class, group discussions, and fieldwork, referees positioning, the handball rule, tactical fouls, penalty area incidents, the offside rule and match reporting, among others,”said Andere. 
He added that the exercise will feature Kenya  Premier  League (KPL), National  Super  League (NSL), and Division One Referees and Match Commissioners .
Mr Andele said that they  are set to do practicals and exams each day, this will give the referees the opportunity to improve their positions in Kenya Premier League(KPL), National Super League (NSL)  and Division Leagues.
The FKF intend to improve the statures of the referees by giving them quality training both on and off the pitch.
Kisii county  governor James Ongwae  said that they are committed  to engage  in partnerships  with such such stakeholders  in nurturing talent  for the ultimate goal of enabling youth to tap into professional sports to earn a living.
“The referees play a central role in  nurturing of talent by instilling discipline and team spirit among the youth, “said Ongwae.
Mr Ongwae said  that they have given Gusii  Stadium  a facelift  and they are going  to embark  on phase  2 of its upgrade with more facilities to meet international  standards.
The Kisii town  residents have lauded Nyanza South Branch  Mr Yobesh Mose and his team  for choosing to hold the Physical Endurance Tests (PET) for referees .
Mr Yobesh asked the chair  Gusii  stadium  to be considered  to hold matches .
PHOTO: Kisii County governor James Ongwae,  National  Chair  Referees  Joseph  Andele at Gusii  stadium  during  the opening of  FKF endurance  test 



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