Where is Mongare Bw’okongo ?

 File photo Mong’are Bw’okong’o installed a Gusii elder when he declared intent to run for presidency

Many supporters of the once formidable immediate former senator of Nyamira Mong’are Bwokong’o who had also declared intent to run for presidency have asked about his whereabouts.

According to a cross section of Nyamira County residents, the former has not been appearing in Public forums as compared to other leaders who were trounced in the last general elections two years down the line.

Comparison have been done with others saying that  the current senator Okong’o O’mogeni with others saying that Mongare was far much better than the current senator in terms of visibility,  stand on the corruption in Nyamira and had interests of welfare of the County residents.

According to Kennedy obanyi who is a Boda Boda rider in Kebirigo Market, Mongare was more visible in the Senate and put Nyamira on a National Map as compared to his Namesake.

As a voter, I think we made a big mistake by electing a person who pretended to be like us but upon election changed to be like them.

He never challenges the governor like Mongare used to do’, maybe he is aslo party to Nyagarama’s administration”, said Obanyi.

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On her side Jerusa Gesare who is also a vegetable vendor thinks that voters now need to revaluate their misdemeanors and elect competent and vibrant leaders just like Mong’are who can also put Nyamira on the national platform just like other counties.

“Mongare was the best senator we had. He not only gave books to our children but he also fought for our markets to have water and toilets.

We should now compel such action oriented leaders to seats like the governors seat which I strongly feal he fits but not presidency”, said Mrs Gesare.

However according to Jones onditi, the mistake voters did is to vote for party candidates rather than candidates and personal integrity.

“We should not Judge the Senator Harshly, lets give him time but also think of his relationship with our current governor whom they are from the same party”, he said.

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In Nyamira town a section of traders who spoke on anonymity said that if Mong’are rebrands and sells his policy he is a force to reckon with since he has contributed a lot in education, sports promotion among others.

Mong’are who is fondly referred to as Esimba by a section of his supporters has not shown any interests yet for any seat within the county nor has  he declared his interest in Tanga Tanga or Kieleweke teams.

“Esimba has been on sabbatical leave from politics, travelled out of the country, but he is back and will run for governorship at the right time, he gave room to New leaders to show their Worth and now everyone can see and judge’, Levi Ombogo who is a close confidant Mong’are said.

By the time of filing this story we didn’t manage to get a word from the former senator Kennedy Mongare.

Whether he contest for Senate or gubernatorial seat 2022 time will tell.



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