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Will Nyamira deputy Governor Nyaribo clean the mess of His Boss created?

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Nyamira Governor and his deputy in a past Public meeting

Nyamira County government is a government of political episodes. Both the county executive and assembly seem to have missed their footing the role they play.

The executive seems to have underestimated the County assembly and vice versa as there have been turbulent wars between the governors, his deputy seem to have fizzled and cooled down.

In the recent Mr Amos Nyaribo who temporary took the reins of power when the governor was admitted in the United States hospital for over three months started to clean the pay roll mess. But immediately his boss resumed his duties the deputy governor was admonished and the status quo was maintained.

It is believed that Mr Nyaribo challenged had intentions prior to the last general elections planned to unsit his boss through Amani National Congress but through intervention, they signed a memorandum of understanding that saw them reclaim the Nyamira top seat.

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Governor Nyagarama however has outsmarted his deputy after a tedious litigation petition by his closed challenger former Kitutu Masaba Mp Walter Nyambati.

The second hurdle to his leadership was from within, his deputy who argued that they were to share a mkate nusu *government courtesy of the MOU which Nyagarama firmly refuted and asserted his Authority. Nyaribo moved to court for interpretation of the MOU and lost.

Miss or Hit

For consolation purposes, the governor who has a big challenge on the wage bill which has impeded on development budget has thrown the mess to the deputy governor Amos Nyaribo to implement the results of the audit commissioned by the governor.

For Nyaribo to succeed he must shelve his political ambition, Be prepared for a backlash from the County Assembly of Nyamira whose members may have benefited in the bloated work force by employing their cronies. As experts argue that Nyaribo must also be prepared for litigation as the ghost workers will surely seek refuge in the courts.

At least, deputy governor has the support of his boss, the County senator and political leaders from the County.

Whether Nyaribo will succeed in his endeavour to clean the bloated wage bill and irregular promotions. This is a question to be answered in the near future and time is the true answer.


PHOTO:Nyamira Governor and his deputy in a past Public meeting