Residents protest over poor service delivery from land registry

A section of Kisii county residents have decried and asked for urgent intervention in what they term as poor service from the county’s’ Land Registry.

The group led by Land Valuer  Ms  Rachael  Otundo have  asked the cabinet secretary for Lands Mrs Farida Karoney to urgently staff the county registry and sack lazy and the corrupt.

According to the group, the current land registrar Mr Steve  Mokaya should be held accountable and hence be sacked for watching and leading a corrupt office at the expense of its citizens.

Land in Kisii being a menace in the county, the public is aggrieved over poor reception from the Land registry.

The public have also raised  concern  over mistreatment  from the workers   also  cartels who  claim to work  in that  office  sourcing money from vulnerable  public  in the name of assisting  them to acquire  their  documents.

It is high time for the registrar to note that the public should be treated with care, dignity and decorum as they are his employers.  .

Also we as the public should be informed whether official search certificates on application should be issued without any personal grounds to avoid fraud.

“Land in Kisii is a big problem, the government should keenly clean up the mess at the registry, to avert a future crisis”, she said.

Jimmy  Peter  on his part has said that the registry lacks basic customer care service and documents submitted at its desk are later used to make forged documents to defraud Kisii county residents,

“We have had several cases with some even proven in court due to negligence and corruption at the department.

We ask EACC and other relevant government agencies to intervene and investigate corruption at the registry”, Jimmy who is also the Gusii Governance Watch Chairman added.

According to him the search  certificate  is supposed  to take three  days  to process  without care of emergencies and that  boundary  disputes  are hardly  attended  causing conflict and confusion.

He also  noted that there  are some people  working in land registry  as officers  who are not recruited  by the government  but cartels  from the Land registrar  Steve  Mokaya.

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Our effort to reach land registry  to substantiate  the claims  didn’t bear  any fruit.

CS  Faridah Karoney  had earlier  this year visited  Kisii to discuss  on areas  on partnership  on land matters so as to assess  the status  that will pave way for digitization .

The CS  also  discussed   issues on public land, land encroachment, Land grabbing, land Fraud, survey, land registration among other issues.

This is  the  second  time  the public  have demonstrated  over  the poor  reception . Over the past the Kisii Land registry has been accused of corruption, incompetence and poor service delivery.




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