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Will Dr Fred Okeng’o Matiangi Fit in Simon Nyachae’s Shoes

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By Dr Moses Onchwati

The star for Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiangi as not only Gusii’s top leader  but across the country has been politically strengthening with political experts alluding his growth to hard work and determination.

Matiangi rose to national fame courtesy of the strong and vigorous crack in streamlining the Kenyan education system which at his time restored confidence in the Kenyan examination system attracting all interest groups for diverse reasons.

Matiangi is the only cabinet secretary from the larger Abagusii community which comprises of two counties, Nyamira and Kisii respectively. He now plays a role reminiscent of the once powerful cabinet minister who rose to be the Chief secretary and secretary to the cabinet during the Moi era and a doyen in Kisii politics Mzee Simoen Nyachae. Just like Nyachae, Matiangi is a no nonsense leader, Strict and firm like is mentor and protégé retired mzee Nyachae.

Deputy President William Ruto and Cs Fred Matiang’i in a past file Photo.

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Mr. Nyachae was  and is still regarded as the custodian of Omogusii interest and anybody who wanted to have a leeway in Gusiiland had to seek permission from him commonly refereed to us  ’emamba’ as within his political circles.

Gusii star has delved into how and why Matiangi is slowly fitting his mentor’s shoes. Many anlysts within Kisii have recently said that Matiangi being a no nonsense leader is fit to propel not only the interests of the community to greater heights but also Kenya’s agenda to the next level.

Political and other factors

There are major things that he must deal with in order to regain and strengthen his political fists within and outside Kisii he must Firstly, work either directly or indirectly to have a large number of elected leaders, former leaders and upcoming leaders to be behind him in this crusade.

He must also work on a common man, a Mwanachi’s unequivocal support. This requires elaborate understanding of the socioeconomic strata in Gusii-land and acted upon this area without antagonizing any quarter.

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Secondly, Matiangi must work on an elaborate plan to catapult most people from Gusii-land to the government which he seems to be influencial by giving available job opportunities For former elected leaders, and also other emerging leaers from the region to propel his ideologies to the electorate. He should fight for them to have a safe landing when opportunities arise.

It is said the he has assisted some to land parastatal appointments, he need to do more also with promotion of people in the docket which he holds.

Inteiror Cs Dr. Fred Matiang’i and Health Ps Susan Mochache  and Nyamira County Commissioner in past function in Kisii

Thirdly, he must come out clearly and fight clan politics in Gusiiland and create a movement for unity spearheaded by the two retiring governors James Ongwae and his Nyamira Counterpart John Nyagarama with the help of other respected elders like Kisii senator Mzee prof Sam Ongeri, and other respected elders from the churches. This will catapult him to undisputed leadership status.

Fourth, Cs Matiangi must shield himself from the purported rumours that he is out to cripple deputy president William Ruto’s political wings and aspirations. He must make sure that he has a proper working bureaucratic relationship with the deputy president who is senior in the civil service.

Matiangi must refuse to play to the political protage played by his predecessors’ and play the service servant role. On this he has done well do far.

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He should avoid the political alignments and realignment which sprout each day in the political grapevine and arena by carefully juggling  on his trips to Gusiiland and involve all the leadership from the areas he visits. Especially by courteous invitation or notification of such visit whether official or unofficial as This will thwart real, imaginary fears that he is propping up leaders to take on elected leaders in the next elections.

Last but not least; Dr Matiangi must push for the completion of all projects initiated by the national government since 2013 upto now. Such as the Contentious Bonyunyu dam, road works in Nyamira and Kisii which are incomplete not forgetting the stagnated, Suneka Airstrip uplift.

This is the huge but possible aspect which the interior cabinet secretary must juggle with to have a substantial support from Abagusii in case he eyes a bigger role in the next political dispensation.

Dr Moses Onchwati is a Scholar based in Athens Spain and Teaches at the National Technical University of Athens.