Wed. Oct 16th, 2019


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Nyamira county set to reclaim grabbed land

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Nyamira county  is set to reclaim land for  development projects. The county which has estimated that  over 3000 acres of land is said to had been irregularly awarded through unscrupulous  means to individuals in various parts the county.

According to Nyamira Governor  John Nyagarama this has put on hold some massive development projects ,among them , housing and  other health facilities due to ongoing cases in court.

Already the County has set sight on 1300 acres at Sironga area in West Mugirango Sub-County for reclamation. The  land is currently being used for brick making by some residents.

Nyagarama was speaking in Kisii  during a one day workshop for  land officers from the county ,saying the exercise will not drag on for ever as the land is quickly needed for various projects.

” We want to put up hospitals, polytechnics, houses and all this requires land,” Nyagarama said.

He  assured the residents that the exercise will have a human face as possible even as he said they expect resistance in some quarters.

” We are first going to hold public participation forums to sensitize our people on the need to surrender the land as peacefully as possible but where dialogue will fail our officers will have the alternative of using force,” the governor said.

The residents will be first made to understand that they are sitting on public land which is needed to support development.

At least Sh 40 million has already been set aside by  to fund the land reclamation effort, added the County boss.

Nyagarama further ordered for removal  of eucalyptus trees from the river banks across the devolved unit . He said the trees were posing danger to water systems in the area and must be cleared off.

” As I wake up I  hear the sound of sawing machines cutting trees from near the rivers..this is very encouraging and we urge more of our people to do so  to safeguard the water sources for the posterity as well,” said Nyagarama.

Already  several springs across the region have already dried up due to the effects of the eucalyptus tree menace, the governor said.

” We shall only be fair to our children and children’s children if we bequeath them an environment that is safe to live in and this environment should be without these water consuming trees ,” said Governor Nyagarama.