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Set policies to fight drug addiction – governemnt told

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The Government has been challenged to come up with policies which will see those selling drugs substances  mostly to students are investigated and prosecuted.
According to Joel Machuka,who is an advocacy officer at International Solidarity forum,  many school going children have engaged themselves to drug abuse in the region by getting the substances from people who sell it in the region.
Therefore he has called upon the National and the county Governments through the investigative agencies to take action against those doing the illegal business.
“We have come to realize that many students in the region has been affected by drug abuse in our schools  hence we are calling for agencies from both National and County Governments to have measures in place  as one way  of curbing the menace,” Said  Machuka the advocacy officer.
Machuka, who was speaking on Wednesday at Kisii National library grounds during the muungano gender forum meeting organized by the international Solidarity foundation [ISF], said that it’s worrying when students are being involved in drug abuse.
He added that through the usage of the drugs in the region has affected the education standards in the region.
“This is the time we need to raise our voices so that we can rescue the young generation   from this yolk that’s why as Muungano Gender Forum we have decided to talk to these students the effects of drug abuse”
“We know that through this forum many students have learned and through the coming together of all stakeholders we are going to help this young generation” He added.

A section of youth follow proceedings during the forum

The foundation which is there to address gender based issues in the society mainly in Kisii and Nyamira counties also noted that through the usage of drugs has increased violence case in families.
“Once we deal with the usage of these drugs we will have a free society with no Violence and free from diseases which are as a result of the usage of this drugs” He added



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