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Use Funds you receive wisely Inua Jamii beneficiaries urged

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Inua Jamii beneficiaries within Kisii and Nyamira counties have been urged to use the special funds allocated to them to improve their lives.

Speaking in Kisii on Monday morning, the Permanent Secretary for Social Protection and Special programs Mr. Nelson Marwa told the beneficiaries to  use cash transfer to improve their livelihoods and acquire household goods that can enhance their lives.

The PS said that Inua Jamii is a government Strategic Intervention that is meant to help vulnerable members of the  society from poverty at old age.

“Programme started as pilot but now covers all the 290 constituencies,”he said.

“This programme will ensure that our senior citizens get a Sh4,000 stipend bimonthly to live a dignified and respectable life.” Marwa said

The initiative is a social pillar of Vision 2030, a national development blueprint.

According to the Ps the Inua Jamii program is a non-contributory pension fund, remitted directly to senior citizens, and all the .

He further said that the  process is on-going and we want to ensure all eligible beneficiaries are reached and open bank accounts.

Since inception the Government has invested over Ksh. 150 billion. With Kisii and Nyamira counties  registering 53,000 beneficiaries so far.

According to the statistics seen by Gusii star, South Mugirango 4,129 beneficiaries received Ksh.70,488,000 in the last six month.

He stated  that the  government is working on the payroll for July-August 2019 cycle so that beneficiaries can be paid in the month of October.

“We want to make sure the Inua Jamii is run transparently; payments are done promptly and predictably,” he said.

His sentiments were echoed  by Deputy  Head  Inua  Jamii  Mac’ Botongore who also urged those eligible for the funds to register with respective government agencies at the chiefs offices near them.