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EXPOSED: Who is fuelling the FGM in Gusii

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Gender activists in Kisii and Nyamira counties have now turned heat on medical personnel at the countys’ health facilities accusing them of fueling female genital mutilation.

They said residents in the two devolved units that still subscribe to the act have turned their daughters to nurses and doctors for the cut.

This, now is hampering and making a contempt of the ongoing efforts by the government and other stakeholders to stamp out the vice from the country.

Activists Lilian Marwa and Dr Jackline Nyaanga have said that the war to fight the vice should be shifted from the old women with the razor blade at hand to doctors and nurses.

“This is a fast emerging culture, what is considered an outdated practice is slowly is being modernized through the people who should be in the frontline fighting the vice themselves,’ said  Marwa.

She was speaking at Kisii town during the Muungano Gender Forum adding that medicalizing the act has begun and this making many people begin to belief that when they bring their daughters to undergo the rite in hospitals then it is legal.

“What can prevent someone from holding that belief because it is being perpetuated within government institutions and by a people employed by the very government which has outlawed the act,” posed Marwa.

Marwa said it is unacceptable and defeats logic that nurses and doctors can use government funded facilities and medical equipment to perpetuate a barbaric rite.

“It invokes questions that they have the audacity to use tools meant for other medical work to carry out an illegality. This is something that should be probed and quick action taken lest we reverse the gains that have been made in rolling back the practice,” stated Marwa.

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Dr Nyaanga, on her part, wondered how the so called learned in the society are turning up in support of the vice against the law.

“At noon they are vehemently opposing it in forums and seminars but away in the comfort of their homes they are in the front line sending their daughters to the countryside in droves to undergo the cut,” she said.

She said it was it was barbaric that doctors and nurses were taking over from the old women who have since downed tools from subjecting girls to the cut.

“These doctors should be arrested and be given harsh sentences to deter the vice for good,” she said.

They both called on Governors James Ongwae (Kisii ) and John Nyagarama (Kisii) to sack any of the health personnel misusing their  profession to perpetuate the vice.

According to Joel Machuka, the forum’s organizer, Kisii is among counties where FGM is still rampant despite the ban.