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How doctors’ business rivalry is killing patients in Kisii

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A wide view of the Facility. PHOTO: BRIGHTON MAKORI

A section of doctors at Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital (KTRH) have been accused of exploiting patients seeking specialized care services at the facility at the expense of service delivery.

The claims come days after a video of a nurse shouting at patients at the orthopedics unit emerged and invoked a sharp reaction from Governor James Ongwae who vowed to crack whip after visiting the facility.

The Governor said he was aware of what is happening at the facility and promised to crack the whip on the said rogue doctors.

Speaking to Gusii star, the Chief Executive officer of the facility Dr Enock Ondari promised to crack the whip on the allegations in order to streamline the facility’s’ operations.

A spot-check by the Gusii star at the facility reveals the doctors’ level of greed with several recent incidents where patients are left to suffer after purchasing tools from rival shops. Since they are forced to return them and buy them from their (doctors) shops.

Opening up

Some relatives and their patients who have gone through the doctors at the orthopedic department told Gusii star how their kins were left to die since they were neglected.

The patients, some who have since been discharged said doctors at the department are exploiting their situation to make a killing.

It is alleged that three senior doctors at the Orthopaedic department facility are running surgical shops and are said to sell medicine that is supposed to be issued at the facility at exorbitant prices. Since they are tactically located outside the referral hospital.

A file photo of President Uhuru Kenyatta with a patient at the Kisii Teaching and referral Hospital PHOTO/FILE

Death at the Facility

Andrew Getate whose father was admitted at the facility says he was shocked to have been sent to a local private hospital for further tests by the department doctors.

“I am very bitter. My father had to die because the Doctors here neglected him. We were sent to a private hospital to do a scan something that can be done here at the facility”, he said bittery.

Another patient, Thomas Getuma whose brothers’ limps were eaten off by maggots as doctors gave him a cold shoulder throughout the three weeks he was at the facility said its disappointing that the doctors have now neglected their core duty and turned to be businessmen”, he said.

“What doctors here do is that they give you strict instructions on the shop where you should buy the equipment and if you go to a different one they will not attend to your patient,” said Thomas Getuma , a brother to the deceased.

The incident was confirmed by a doctor at the hospital who requested anonymity said that service delivery at the facility has been hampered with those who have conflict of interest.

“We always advise that patients seeking orthopedic services  go to credible shops where they can access a full set of the tools required because other operators  don’t do so if they fail to heed to this advice who is to be blame?,” the doctor told Gusii Star.

A doctor who sought anonymity said that the surgical department has been hijacked by cartels who have no patient’s interests at the expense of service delivery.

“We are left to wonder why they are neglecting the oath they took as professionals and now turned the profession to a business making venture, ” said a doctor who requested anonymity.

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John Onchonga from South Mugirango who brought a patient with a fracture to the facility said a senior orthopedic got mad at him for buying a screw half the price his shop sells. On that ground he refused to attend to his patient for more than a week before he sought higher intervention.

Onchonga spoke of a scheme by doctors to frustrate other upcoming surgical equipment suppliers who are seen to be emerging.

Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital chief executive officer Dr Enock Ondari said he was aware of the claims and promised to act. He however said the hospital management did not condone suspicious transactions between hospital staff and patients.