Where is Mongare Bw’okongo ?

 File photo Mong'are Bw'okong'o installed a Gusii elder when he declared intent to run for presidency Many supporters of the once formidable immediate former senator of Nyamira Mong’are Bwokong’o who had also declared intent to run for presidency have asked about his whereabouts. According to a cross section of Nyamira County residents, the former has not been appearing in Public forums as compared to other leaders who were trounced in the last general elections two years down the line. Comparison have been… Read more

Kisii County MCAs Pass Bill To Force Supermarkets Offer Free Shopping Bags

Kisii County Assembly has today approved a motion that will compel major supermarkets operating in the county to offer free carrier bags to consumers for every purchase. Members of the County Assembly questioned why the supermarkets that previously provided shopping bags for free before the ban, had decided to suddenly pass the cost to the consumer.
The sponsor of the motion…
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Teenage girls more likely to have STIs compared to older women

Young Kenyan girls aged 14-24 years are more likely to have sexually transmitted infections compared to older women above 25 years, researchers have concluded. The researchers are now calling on the government to improve sexual and reproductive health among adolescents. They made the conclusion after analyzing health records of more than 37,000 women in Kenya and several other Sub-saharan African countries. READ:  Read more