I Applaud Nyamira County Assembly on Its Oversight Stand.

In the recent past the members of the County Assembly of Nyamira has shown a new awakening in its oversight mandate. This requires leaders from all walks of life, political, social, youth, women and academia to stand with this members who have shown a new charged resolve to stand with the common folk commonly referred to as Kemunto, Onchonga and Mogaka. The passage of… Read more

Governor Nyagarama Must Account For All The Mess At Nyamira County

Most citizens will ask what I did then than raise the issue now. In a democracy one will not shoot an incompetent governor of a county. One raises issues with the relevant bodies and a bureaucratic channel some of those channels are slow to grind, some are corruptly manipulated. For instance the then EACC heads were heavily manipulated and never took action on our pleas for action. What did the national government do when their tenure lapsed? They were rewarded for the job well done' with New appointments. We now have a new sheriff at the helm at the Eacc body. We hope he will walk the talk. Read more