Omogeni Supports Nyagarama Move to sack county officials

As the fight for sacking of illegal county employees intensifies the county senator Erick Okong'o has vowed to support the Governor to clear and reduce the county wage bill. The Senator who was speaking recently said many of the county assembly representatives have used employment to their cronies and girlfriends at the expense of development. "The Mca's employed their girlfriends and side chicks in the county and now they are busy intimidating the governor for laying them… Read more

Dr Alfred Mutua urges leaders to support development

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on has asked leaders to  focus on development and desist from politicking at the expense of service delivery. The CHAP CHAP party leader was speaking in Nyamira where he asked leaders to desist from unnecessary wrangles that are geared to sabotage service delivery at county levels. "As leaders we need  concentrate on delivering to the people who elected us to realize development," said… Read more

Governor Nyagarama Must Account For All The Mess At Nyamira County

Most citizens will ask what I did then than raise the issue now. In a democracy one will not shoot an incompetent governor of a county. One raises issues with the relevant bodies and a bureaucratic channel some of those channels are slow to grind, some are corruptly manipulated. For instance the then EACC heads were heavily manipulated and never took action on our pleas for action. What did the national government do when their tenure lapsed? They were rewarded for the job well done' with New appointments. We now have a new sheriff at the helm at the Eacc body. We hope he will walk the talk. Read more

Worrying trend of mothers abandoning children

The government is concerned about an increased trend of young mothers giving birth and throwing away their kids in Nyamira County’s North Mugirango constituency. Nyamira county coordinator for children services, Mr. Samuel Masese, noted that the area had experienced an increasing trend of abandoned babies who are sometimes left for death at the nearby Sotik… Read more