Omingo, Oyongo supremacy parties win big in MCA and MP seats in Kisii and Nyamira counties


Silvanus Osoro Mp South Mugirango

With the elections now complete, major dominant parties Jubilee and ODM suffered a major blow as some of their aspirants failed to clinch top seats as they had projected.

Instead Kenya National Congress Associated with Former South Mugirango member of Parliament who had stabbed at the county gubernatorial seat but emerged third performed better in the just concluded polls. Ironically Omingo Magara who is also former Area Mp seems to be smiling lot despite loosing his senatorial bid to Professor Sam Ongeri, as his party candidates emerged victorious in the just concluded polls.

While Manson Oyongo’s party (KNC) manged to get two Mp seats each from Kisii county and 2MCAs in Kisii as well as one from Nyamira county.

PDP has a total of Five county assembly members in the Kisii county assembly while in Nyamira it manged one. Totaling up to six.

PDP Party leader Omingo Magara in a past party function /PHOTO JBRIGHTON

In 2013, ODM had majority of the seats in the assembly, an issue now the county governor James Ongwae will brace with. However, KNC being an affiliate of NASA things mighty be easy for him.(Ongwae).

Kisii has a total of 45 elective wards with at least each of the nine constituencies consisting of 4 to five wards except south Mugirango constituency which has six wards.

Since all politics is local, Peter Ondieki a Kisii based advocate and political analyst says that Omingo might have manged to convince his people to choose his successor in order to manage and contain his voting block.

“Omingo might have lost the gubernatorial seat but he is seen as the most beneficially to inherit Ongwae come 2012”, said Ondieki.

Silvanus Osoro, a Nairobi based businessman and Lawyer beat his closest rival Denis Makori (RBK)  by 11 157 votes (21,83%) to 10 376 votes (20,30%). With PDPs SAMSON BICHANG’A emerging third by garnering7 063 votes representing 13,82% of the votes cast.

Former South Mugirango MP Manson Nyamweya Oyongo and Kisii Governor James Ongwae at a past event. PHOTO [courtesy].
In Kitutu Chache North constituency, that has 4 MCAs, ODM, Jubilee and Omingo Magara’s PDP shared the slots with an independent from making a sounding victory. Charles Getabu Barongo emerged the winner in BOMWAGAMO with 1345 votes.

Pundits have argued that it’s quite interesting as currently KNC which are associated with Manson Oyongo and PDP to Magara managed to secure two national assembly. Thus the dynamics dynamics of future politics within the region might change.


So far Oyongo has endorsed Governor Ongwae’s re-election and promised to work with his administration with Magara seen as pro Jubilee aligned.

In his campaigns, Magara was advocating for the election of his party lieutenants’ for various seats saying that the region needs a party which will help them propel the dynamics of the region politics to the national level.

Kisii has a total of 45 elective county assembly wards where 13 were elected on ODM ticket, 9 Jubilee, 5 PDP, 5 Independent, 3 KSC, 3 KANU, 3 Wiper, 1 FORD Kenya, 1 KNC, 1 CCM and 1 PNU respectively

Kitutu Chache North Constituency – 4 MCAs

1 ODM, 1  PDP, 1 Jubilee and 1 Independent

Kitutu Chache South Constituency – 5 MCAs

2 ODM, 1 Wiper, 1 FORD Kenya and 1 KNC

Bonchari Constituency – 4 MCAs

2 ODM, 1 Wiper and 1 Independent

South Mugirango Constituency – 6 MCAs

2 PDP, 1 ODM, 1 KANU, 1 Jubilee and 1 Independent

Bomachoge Chache Constituency

3 MCAs ( 2 Jubilee and 1 ODM)

Bomachoge Borabu Constituency – 4 MCAs

2 ODM, 1 PDP AND 1 Independent

Bobasi Constituency – 8 MCAs

4 Jubilee, 1 ODM, 1 PDP, 1 KANU and 1 PNU

Nyaribari Masaba Constituency – 5 MCAs

3 ODM, 1 KSC and 1 KANU

Nyaribari Chache Constituency – 6 MCAs

2 KSC, 1 Wiper, 1 Jubilee, 1 CCM and 1 Independent




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