We will continue preaching peace vows Council of elders

Council of elders in a group photo on September 11, 2017/Bmakori

The  national council of elders Kenya have vowed to work together across the country  to  preach peace  a  head of the presidential repeat poll.

Speaking on Monday at Kisii council  of elders  office led by the chairman Phares Ruture called for peaceful co-existence among  ethnic communities in the country even as they   participated in the presidential re-run vote.

At the same time they  dismissed the recently remarks  from a section of leaders over the  secession by saying that as the elders they will not allow Kenya to be two.

“As the Clan of elders we will not allow Kenya time be two we will ensure that terephthalate is unity amongset communities so that to have one kenya”

“We caution those who are calling for the division of our country ,let them know that Kenya is one and we will remain united” Said Rutere

The elders commended president Uhuru Kenyatta for initiating ‘’cash transfer ‘’programme for the elderly and petitioned him to intervene  and  see  the Salary and Remuneration commission  improve pension for retirees.

Ruteere observed some elders were retirees who needed to be cushioned against difficult times as their counterparts enjoyed  cash transfer and social protection.

National Treasurer, Ahmed Set, warned that without  peace constitutional freedoms among other liberties will be undermined.

He  therefore urged elected leaders to tame their  utterances   during  the election campaign period that might incite the public especially  the  gullible  unemployed youths.

Set added that council of elders needs to come up with strategies  on how to meet youths and discuss the way forward on how youths should shun from violence mostly during elections.

According to Mr. Set  unemployment, use of drugs among others are factors leading to violence amongest youths,issues needs to be addressed by elders through forums.

James Araka,the Abagusii culture and development council    chairman condemned groups of  youths for looting shops among others  belonging to their neighbors in lake region.

According Matundura,communities should reciprocate respect extended to them by respecting their brothers and sisters.

Bishop (retired) Paul Leleito from Mytoo  Council of Elders,exhorted the Abagusii and his community to build peace along the  common border perennially  dogged by livestock thefts.

Luo council of elders chairman Nyandiko Ongadi said whoever will win as president should be supported irrespective of regional consideration  since he was a  Kenyan.

“As the elders we should not be partisan ,we are symbol of unity, let us preach peace and be mediators ,we will work with whoever wins the presidential seat”said Nyandiko

He also  advised the youth to  stop  being used to attack armed security officers on official assignment for they will   jeopardize  their lives.


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