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Omogusii unity is paramount a head of this year’s polls

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Joshua Ateka and Mokaya Omosa enjoying reading a copy of gusii star at Gesima ward in Nyamira county

 The Kisii’s are considered as the most democratic tribe in Kenya. Their voting pattern cannot be easily defined due to their diversified voting nature of making decisions. For instance for Presidential elections each candidate can be assured of minimum two or three votes regardless of how big or small he or she is.

Democracy is a noble thing to be practiced as well observed by all but there is one thing Abagusii tend to forget that democracy goes hand in hand with unity, when people speak in one voice the better.

Their voting nature has not only make them not have bargaining powers in the government but also made them get locked out of the government slots since they are considered ‘useless’ since they have got nothing to bring into the table lets say the government to be formed.

Their disunity do make them cast votes randomly even where not to, and when the next government is formed you will find them nowhere because of their ‘democracy’.

It is high time for Kisii people learn to reason together, speak one voice and as well walk together for them to have bargaining powers in the next government be either a NASA or Jubilee government.

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