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How to slay a kimono

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Below are some few ways on how you can rock your favorite kimono while being conservative and still trendy.

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When you hear the word kimono, the first thing that probably hits your mind is an ancient petite Japanese geisha in jet black hair and white ghostly face (under layers and layers of powder) wearing a heavy jacket- like apparel that totally covers the body. She probably has a small umbrella hung over her tiny shoulders and is wearing small wooden slippers. Well I like your imagination, but you are totally wrong.

The current kimonos are no longer the heavy – cocoon like traditional Japanese wear. They currently come in different chic fabrics and patterns ranging from sheer, chiffon, heck you can even get a custom made Ankara kimono if you are into bold African prints.

You can wear them during the day to protect your skin from direct sunlight exposure and also at night when you want something stylish to beat the chilly weather. The best part about kimonos is that they cover up your body from the prying eyes of conservatives while still leaving you officially stylish.

Below are some few ways on how you can rock yourfavorite kimono while being conservative and still trendy.

  1. Kimono and leggings

You no longer have to worry about revealing your voluptuous hips and thighs for all and sundry while wearing leggings. Just drape on your favorite kimono and flaunt your curves.

  1. Kimono and swimsuit

Forget the lesso or khanga at the beach, draw out your sheer kimono, fling it over your swim suit and enjoy the sun. You can pair this up with a wide floppy sun hat to slay the look.

  1. Kimono and dress

Whether the dress is short, midi or long, kimonos can bring out that extra oomph to your look. Pair these up with chunky accessories and belts and watch heads turn.

KIMONO DRESS Photo Printrest fashions

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