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Fruits of hardwork keeps me going in Comedy-Rose

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Raised in rural Gusii region, Nyabhate all along has known where her ambitions are and works hard towards achieving them. Gusii Stars' Writer Vincent Munga ate into her diary and explores how she sees the entertainment world has taken her to

Comedian Rose Nyabhate of classmates show that is aired on KBC

Great determination has put artist Rose Nyabhate in the map of Kenyan entertainment industry.

Your current job

I am a TV producer at Y254, a new youth tv channel owned by Kenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC). I also act in classmates and Je huu ni Ungwana both that airs in KBC.

Do art pay?

Yes, I am living in Nairobi and it’s the art that pays my bills. I see this industry as a potential employer of many youths and if the government puts more emphasis then it will cut youth unemployment by a big percentage. The government should realize that youths are more into entertainment and hatch a plan of opening up the industry. Stations should also give more attention to local content.

Any other side hustles when you were still struggling?

I started as a college teacher before I moved to acting as a full time job and I taught in bought Nairobi and Kisumu counties. My students are all over working as Social workers.

Are you working hard or smart?

I can say both (giggles), if you don’t work hard nobody can recognize you. I spent a lot of time working hard to build my brand but nowadays I do work smart.

How were you making that extra coin in college?

By hawking. I used to bring in important wares and sell them at exaggerated prizes. I think I have entrepreneurial spirit too (laughs).

Despite achieving great in life, Nyabhate has got her share of hardships career wise

I was dismissed by a leading entertainment company by asking for my rights. I have moved on and I don’t have hard feelings because I believe they helped me to build my brand.

Your future plans

I am working on strengthening my initiative ‘We are watching campaign Kenya’ which synthesizes girls on anti-FGM (female genital mutilation). I plan to register an NGO in future where I will continue to champion girl child rights

Comedian Rose Nyabhate of classmates show that is aired on KBC

Are you an early riser or night owl?

I prefer working till late in the midnight because my day usually starts at 7 am.

Any memorable moment in life

I remember telling my late mum that one day I would be in TV screens and she encouraged me. Now I am disappointed that she is not here to see how her daughter has matured artistically.

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