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Pharry-K: Spiritual nourishment is what I love doing

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He started singing since his childhood just for fun. Twenty 27 years down the line he still does but not only for fun but as a full time career. His music is not only played here in Kenya but also in America and Canada. Meet the international Christian gospel music artist Kepha Bwonda popularly known as Pharry-K who has touched souls with his great voice competing with the likes of Country Music stars such as Ken Rogers and the late Jim Reeves. The award winning gospel artist spoke to Erick Maranga on his mission in spreading the gospel as well blessing many through songs.

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Who is Pharry-K?

I am a born again Country Music gospel artist whose music cuts across all genres. Presently I am more into Christian Country Music.

How long have you been the gospel music industry?

I have been praising the Lord through songs for the last 8 years.

What inspired you into gospel music?

Personally I have been raised in a Christian family of which my both parents loved music. So I grew up in a music environment something which made me develop a passion to do Christian music.

Why Christian music and not any other genre?

Christianity is my foundation. Secondly, it is my discretion to serve the Lord.

What are some of the current projects you are working on?

I am currently working on Videos for my Audio songs. In addition, I am also working on the Ekegusii/English album.

The album target the locals who do not understand English because most of them are in English so it will be a fusion of Ekegusii and English.

Do you do gospel music full time?

Yes I do music full time. I also host a show in an international US based Radio Station Jam Vibe Radio in South Carolina. The show runs for one hour.

What is of the worst moment in your Music career ?

It was during the last year when I won a word in US but due to lack of funds I was unable to attend the event. My award was received by my representative in my absence.

What are some of the awards you have worn so far?

I have won three awards so far. They include 2016 GASU awards Special Recognition Award for Country Music, Radio Alliance Award in Florida Jacksonville, and 2016 Durban Award in South Africa

How many albums have you done so far?

I have done three gospel albums in Country Music, Reggae, Rn$B and Praise and worship genres.

Do you have a promoter?

Yeah in the US but here in Kenya I do not. So I am in charge of marketing for my songs as well as looking for shows.

What are some of the challenges you are facing?

Lack of finance to do good quality is my main challenge for now.

How can you be reached?

I can be reached via social media Facebook Kepha Bwonda, Twitter @pharry-k and YouTube Pharry-K.

Interview by By Erick Maranga

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