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Clanism threatens our future coexistence

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Gusii leaders in a past forum

Clanism has remained the main challenge facing the Abagusii Community. It has reached at its peak where it now threatens its peaceful coexistence among the community members. For one to get a job or assistance from let’s say a politician or employer more especially older employers the first obvious question asked is where do you come from?

 And if the response is sweet tune to the ears of the involved party then you are given a green light. The issue has seen needy students denied bursaries on the basis of clans of origin. Jobless youths are neither spared as others are shown the door more especially by the area politicians who are perceived to have well connections in the job market.

The electorate have also not been left behind as their voting patterns is inclined on clanism lines. Leaders are cast in on the basis of which clan they come from. Leadership is now hawked on the highest bidder on basis of the clan with highest numbers.

The area leaders have now resolved on negotiated democracy for power-sharing amongst themselves whereas clans is the top agenda. The issue has led to leadership wrangles which threaten to split the community completely.

 It is high time for Mwanyagetinge to unite and revive the lost past love for them to realize fully development. Divisive politics in terms of clans is a bomb in waiting, when it will explode we will have nowhere to run to. It is not too late let us rethink and ponder our sober minds before we are poisoned by claim.

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