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Let’s fight to end early teen pregnancies, education stakeholders urged

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Nyanza regional commissioner James Kianda at Gusii stadium during health professional health camp {photo Brighton Makori]

The release of last year, stakeholders within Nyanza region have raised alarm over high number of teen pregnancies and its impact on the national exams on students from the region.

Speaking recently in In Kisii, Nyanza Regional commissioner James Kianda Kianda has promised to convene a meeting after the release of the examination results to discuss the matter.

 Kianda who was addressing residents at Gusii stadium recently when he represented the cabinet for interior and coordination Dr. Fred Matiangi during the launch of INka free medical camp which was organized by kisii and Nyamira health professionals, he said that there is need  all professionals from all fields, leaders to convene a meeting to discuss the fate of a girl child who has been affected .

 The commissioner noted that girls were affected when they delivered during exam period hence making difficult for them handle both the examination and the new born.

“We have come to realize that the majorly affected are the girl child, hence there is need  all stakeholders  coming together to set measures on how  to  curb this menace,” Said Commissioner  Kianda

 At the same time he noted that most of the affected girls are the bright but due to early pregnancies they don’t perform well as they are forced to think about the new born and at the same time how to handle the examination.

“Most of the girls who are trapped to this problem most of them they are so bright but it gets difficult for them to concentrate and perform well due  to serving two masters as a mother and the student at the same time” he added

Meanwhile Kisii based politcian and activist Rachael has also anchored the commissioner’s sentiments by saying that it’s time for all stakeholders across the country to come out and speak in one voice to solve the problem.

 According to Otundo the menace has come out as a result on how we have adopted western culture which has been influenced the young generation.

 She also noted that parents should keep an eye on how to take care of their children during the three holidays in a year.

 “The way we take care of our children from the childhood might be one of those reasons which leads to this menace , most of our children are left alone and  exposed by the  social  media  platforms that  ruins their  morals, let us spend time with our children by teaching and showing  them on how they should live” she said.

She also called upon   the church, all communities including clan elders and administration to work as a team to end such problems among the school girls once for all