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We support an inclusive BBI Tanga Tanga aligned Mps say

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A section of leaders from Kisii, Nyamira and Migori counties aligned to Deputy  President will Ruto’s Tanga Tanga movement have declared their stand of supporting  The Building Bridges initiative  BBI   report by urging the Government to ensure that the report reaches to all Kenyans. 

 According to them they are in support of the report but only calling for some changes which will benefit the common mwanachi and inclusive of all communities.

 Addressing the press in Kisii town led by Deputy Governor Joash  Maangi and A section of Member of Parliament and MCas they said that after attentively reading the report and analyzed they found that  it offers kenyans transformational agenda which will help the country. 

 ” Since this initiative was intended to unite the country and not poralize it further, our support to the document is guaranteed, ” said Maangi who read the statement.

Although they are in support of the initiative they have demanded that if there will be need of the committee of experts the region should be well represented so that the views of  the region are well articulated .

 About development of the region they want the Government that effective policy making must be seen to translate to the people in the ground and the development initiatives cascaded to the counties in the spirit often constitution. 

In achieving that it must reflect on the prices of Tea,Coffee,sugarcane and any economic activities  undertaken by the populance.

“The value of these products has nosedive in the recent days ,and this has brought anxiety in our region”says DG  maangi

They also noted that effective representation is not about geographical divisions and regions but is about service delivery  ,therefore they called upon the region to have new counties in Kuria and south Kisii formerly known as Gucha district .

 About youths they requested for efforts to be doubled in the youth empowerment agenda as it forms the backbone of the big four agenda. 


 They added that devolution being the magic pill in the transforming Kenya ,therefore they demanded it should be protected and strengthened both legally and administration. 

“Counties should be equipped to handle their mandate in better way,and timely disbursement of funds is the best star” Noted Maangi

They added that the members of county assembly should be empowered further beyond bursary proposal .

In the fight against corruption they supported the fight buy insisted  that it should be exercised with regard to the rule of law without malice and it should not be used to settle political scores and all arms should exercise their duties without favour ,fear or ill will.

Kuria east  member of Parliament Marwa kemero challenged the Government to ensure that all kenyans access the report si that they can read by themselves and forget to understand what is there.

” we can not tell people  to download the report ,we need to provide them with the report even it should be in Kiswahili so that all people can understand it”said Mp Marwa

 The meeting was attended by Kisii county Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, south mugirango member of parliament Silvanus Osoro , Vincent Kemosi west Mugirango , Alfa Miruka Bomachoge chache Kuria west Mp Mathias Robi,kuria east Marwa Kemero  , and over 70 mcas from Both counties of Nyamira,Kisii and Kuria.