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Corruption Must be fought without discrimination- says Maangi

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Kisii Deupty Governor Joash Maangi in His office

Kisii county deputy governor has declared that he would not be cowed by corrupt cartels in the county against his efforts of fighting corruption.

Speaking during the press briefing at his boardroom Joash Maangi stated that in the spirit of the country fighting corruption must be embraced by all people including the county leadership.

“I want to go on record as Maangi saying that I have been hearing what has been going round that am fighting the governor, his is false, corrupt cartels in the form of contractors are now hitting back because I have declared fight over corruption in Kisii county”, stated the deputy governor adding that the purported contractors are the ones who have been paid by either doing shoddy jobs or paid for non-existence of work being done.

Maangi said that all leaders must come out of their comfort zones to get rid of the corrupt characters in Kisii county if they mean what they are saying, “it’s with the positive spirit that if we are fighting corruption it must be seen outrightly”,he noted arguing that leaders should not hide under the interior minister dr.fred Matiangi to seek salvage over acts of corruption.

He dismissed the recent meeting held in Kisii to discuss matters BBI saying that it was not a priority for Nyanza and Kisii in particular because the county was the first to endorse the report thus there were matters development that were to be discussed other than BBI.

The county deputy chief was accompanied by 18 mcas who supported his efforts of fighting corruption, supporting interior Cs Dr.Fred Matiangi and seeking what will take kisii county forward in terms of development.