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Emulate The President by appointing youth to top county posts – Counties Urged

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Mr Dennis Orioki (2nd Right) Franked by Kisii County Youth President Kevin Mosomi, (L) Isaac Motari (Youth leader -Bonchari) and Hezbon Moronya -Gusii Youth Bunge Sacco Chairman speaking to Gusii Star in Kisii Town. They have urged county goverments to also appoint youth to key positions PHOTO/BMAKORI

A section of youths from Kisii County has commended President Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing youths as Chief Administrative secretaries.

 Speaking to Gusii star, the youths led by Dennis Orioki they said that the appointment of 7 young people to the as Chief administrative secretaries is a big win to youths.

Mr. Orioki further said that the Chief Administrative secretaries sits in all important meetings where decisions are made in ministries which confirms that the idea of generational inclusion of youths is an idea whose time has come.

“ We would like to thank the President for considering young people in government. This has shown that time youths ho be involved in key decision making is now.

We as youths strongly feel that they have what it takes is service delivery,” said Orioki

 He added that the introduction of generational inclusion is that when satisfying requirements for various diversities and the same should be multi- generational in order to include young women, young men and young people with disabilities and young people from marginalize communities and youth in minority groups.

Orioki Was franked by Kisii youth president Kevin Mosomi , Isaac Motari (Youth leader  -Bonchari) and Hezbon Moronya  (Gusii Youth Bunge Sacco Chairman) called upon the county Governments to adopt the similar strategy and embrace this noble idea .

 “We call upon the County governments to follow suit with the county public service Boards implementing the idea which can bring hope to the young people “Said Mosomi Youth President

 From Kisii county president Uhuru appointed Maureen Magoma Mbaka  to the  ministry of ICT, innovation  and youth affairs who hails from Mageche ward -(Bomachoge Borabu constituency)

  Economic Empowerment

 They urged young people to venture into business by taking advantage of tender opportunities in both governments.

“Let us use Funding /loaning schemes in the government by utilizing them by starting business or boosting the business” said Motari