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Kiogoro Chief fined 60K for receiving 3k bribe

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Kiogoro Location area chief in Kisii county was sentenced for one-year imprisonment or a  fine, of Ksh 60,000 for bribery charges before  Kisii  Law  court  .

Pamella Moriasi was charged that on 5/10/ 2017 at Kiogoro, she requested for Ksh 3,000 from Hellen Nyanchama in order for her to write a letter for Nyanchama to carry out official  land  succession. 

Nyanchama reported the matter to EACC offices in Kisii and operation was conducted, she was able to identify the money she was given by EACC to trap the chief, the envelope, copies, the bag where the accused person kept the money, the letter the chief wrote to her and the video she recorded.

Stephen Yatich EACC  report anaylist testified how the to complain was made and prepared the operation and provided exhibit in court. 

On her defense the chief said while writing a letter to the complaint in her office, unknown people stormed in her office and started harassing her.

They alleged she had taken the money from the complainant in which it was not true. 

Chief  Magistrate  Nathan  Shihundu ruled,  he found the prosecution has proved it’s case beyond any reasonable doubt. 

“I proceed to convict her of the offense charged under section 215 C.P.C, the accused fined 60,000 in respect of the charges  in default one-year imprisonment, “ruled Shihundu.