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Encourage youths to enroll TVET’s – parents told as Nyaore shines

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According to Fred ombuna, the Principal Nyaore Vocational Training centre , if the government want to achieve the Big 4 agenda and vision 2030 there is need to ensure 10% of the population is enrolled in Technical training institute.

Parents have been  urged  to encourage youths  to  enroll and do technical  courses  in  vocation training centers  so that they can get get skills.

Speaking  at Nyaore Vocational Training  Centre   during  celebrations of KNEC results were more than 61 students scored distinctions, 171 with credits, 9 with pass   the  principal  Mr Fred  Ombuna  said that  such courses  are  marketable and his happy that students now can get jobs  following the passing well of examination.

 Mr Ombuna attributed the success to good relationship with the board of management, efforts of teachers who are devoted and supportive parents plus the students who are ready to learn.

 He added that the courses which are offered in the institution are hot cakes which help youths the secure jobs once they finish.

The courses include motor vehicle technology and building and construction  . 

“Technical and vocational training is the way to go and we are calling on parents to embrace it and encourage their children to join” he said 

“The  problem  with  the society is,  people  still  have that mentality  that technical  courses  are  so  cool  and they  cannot  get jobs  as fast  as going  for courses  in colleges  and universities “he added

He stated  that  the   aim of technical  courses  is  ensuring gainful and self-employment among the youth.

He called on those who graduated in various fields to continue using their skills and innovation in transforming society.

“Innovation and creativity will help come up with solutions to some of the problems Kenya is facing,” he said.

According  to him  if the government  want to achieve the Big 4 agenda  and vision  2030 there is  need to ensure  10% of the  population  is enrolled  in Technical training institute. 

He also  asked  youths  to turn  their  talents  into  sources  of income  in order  to curb  unemployment  and spur  economic  growth. 

He encouraged  the  youth  to focus  on blue collar  jobs  rather than white  collar  jobs,  citing  the high number  of unemployed  graduates  in the  job  market. 

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Despite the institution doing well it has some challenges which needs to be address for instance lack of dormitory, lack of kitchen among other issues. But that hasn’t hindered our students better performance

” Yes we have been receiving good will  from political leaders and the community at large but we appeal for stakeholders to continue supporting the institution for the better future” he said