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Let’s involve all people on BBI and avoid political divisions DP Ruto urges

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Deputy President William Ruto (L) Alpha Miruka Mp and Politician Zaheel Jhanda at Itierio in Bonchari Kisii county PHOTO/BMAKORI

Ruto  Deputy President  William Ruto  has asked  leaders  steering on  Building  Bridges  Iniatitive (BBI)  to  engage  all  people and avoid  political  divisions on rallies  going around  the  country . 

Speaking  at  Iterio   during   consecration  of New   Bishop  of  Evangelical Lutheran Church    Joseph  Omwoyo, the deputy President  said that BBI should  engage  all  people  regardless  of the  political party .

“There’s  freedom  of association,  let’s  engage  all  people  even  the  weak have something  to say  , “said  Deputy President. 

He  challenged political leaders to build a genuine bridge which is not filled with greediness, self motives; he asked them to stop looking at the parties when doing the BBI campaign but listen to the concerns of Kenyans.

He asked  leaders  to avoid  political  party  divisions. 

“Everybody who has something to say must be given space concerning this BBI including, entrepreneurs , Mama  mbogas,  by doing this, we will move together as Kenyans,” said Ruto.

According to him  some individuals  are  positioning  themselves  only to create  divisions. 

He challenged   leaders to be a sign of unity by bringing Kenyans together by  not dividing them.

The deputy president noted that the BBI is not only for political leaders but for all Kenyans and their views must be listened to.

He asked the political leaders to stop chest tamping how strong they are and listen to anyone opinion when given space to speak.

The deputy President noted that the BBI is not only for political leaders who have already owned it but for all Kenyans.

Kisii  Deputy governor Joash Maangi,  South  Mugirango MP Sylvenus Osoro,  Bomachoge  Chache Alfa Miruka,    Don Bosco  Gichana  Zaheer  Jhanda echoed  the   Deputy President  his sentiments.